Here's our evening round-up of the latest coronavirus news from Finland – Tuesday

Latest cases and fatalities
The Finnish postal service Posti is starting talks to lay off 1,100 staff in its freight services; Home Services and Transval business units due to a down-turn in business during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Mauri Ratilainen.

Latest coronavirus cases and fatalities

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL says that 141 people have died from complications of Covid-19. That’s an increase of more than 40 people from the day before, and reflects a new way to count patient fatalities to include not only those who die in hospital but also those who die in old people’s homes.

The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus now stands at 4,014 which is an increase of 146 on the day before.

Across the country there are 202 people in hospital being treated for Covid-19, which is a drop of 7 since the day before. There are currently 63 people in intensive care which is down 4 from the day before.

Government promises audit of coronavirus business grants

Finland’s Minister of the Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (Centre) says the government will launch an audit of companies granted financial help from Business Finland during the coronavirus crisis.

The way that money has been given to businesses has been widely criticised, with the Social Democrats and Left Alliance saying that the grants are not going to the industries and entrepreneurs that are in the most financial difficulties.

This week it was revealed that 24% of Business Finland grants have gone to software companies and management consulting businesses.

”The subsidies need to be fixed so that they are targeted at those who need them, and not the most skill management consultants” says Left Alliance leader Li Andersson on Twitter.

Posti to furlough 1,100 workers

The Finnish postal service Posti is starting talks to lay off 1,100 staff in its freight services; Home Services and Transval business units due to a down-turn in business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Other parts of Posti’s business are seeing a lot of trade, with online sales increasing during the virus restrictions meaning people at home are turning to online shopping. Posti is handling a million parcels each week in its home delivery service, similar to the levels of trade seen during the Christmas season.

“The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone and society as a whole […] while some of our business areas are very busy, some areas are seeing declining volumes” Turkka Kuusisto, Posti’s CEO.

The lay-off talks could result in the freight staff being furloughed for 90 days in staggered shifts, throughout the rest of 2020.

Leading chefs call for more restaurant aid

A group of Finland’s best-known chefs have written an open letter to the government to tell them that ”only immediate direct support can save the restaurant industry.” The letter is published in Five Stars, a leading industry website, and is signed by celebrity names like Tomi Björk, Hans Välimäki and Eero Vottonen who represent some of Finland’s leading restaurants.

Dozens more restauranteurs and figures from the food and drinks sector have also put their name to the letter which says that the current system of applying for grants through Business Finland is simply not working.

The letter suggests that a better way to support the restaurant industry would be to use a model similar to Norway and Denmark where a sector-specific bailout is available for bars and restaurants.

Kuva: NewsNowFinland
Kuva: NewsNowFinland

It is thought the government might be ready to announce a sector-specific financial package worth around €150 million as early as Thursday.

Restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs in Finland have been ordered to close to help slow the spread of coronavirus from 4th April until the end of May.

The full stories and more can be read here: www.newsnowfinland.fi

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